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Step back to a time before steel and glass skyscrapers dominated Hong Kong.

The Repulse Bay Residences, built on the site of the famous Repulse Bay Hotel, is our window to a bygone era.

Dock host/hostesses can advise if a wheelchair can be utilized. Daily Rentals are transferable between all locations. ECV Length of Stay Rentals are not available for ECVs.

However, vehicles can be held if Guests leave and return to the same park on the same day.

When exiting your location, simply return your rental to the rental counter to receive your deposit.

If you’re at Disney Springs, your deposit will be returned at this time.

Line-up includes Casi, Chain of Flowers, Charlie Cunningham, Ciaran Lavery, Fifi Rong, Findlay, Fizzy Blood, Flamingods, Her's, Jealous of the Birds, LIFE, Meilyr Jones, Menace Beach, New Portals, Robocobra Quartet, Ryan Vail, Silences, The Sandinistas & Youngr.Wheelchari Length of Stay Rentals are transferable between Disney theme parks only.If you’ll require a wheelchair for a multiday visit, you can save time and money by pre-paying for all days at the first theme park you visit.Please note that Length of Stay rental tickets may not be available during peak periods.When Leaving Your Location ECVs and Wheelchairs may not be removed from the destination where they were rented.

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