Keep windows from validating word

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If you don't know how to create a User Form, consider reading 10 steps to creating a Word userform for addressing letters before you continue.

To simplify the examples, we'll change only the properties necessary to support the technique at hand.

If you want to install the font so that it can be used in documents you create or view, click the "Install Font" button that appears below the preview of the font.

Today, Microsoft has online activation servers that must validate your installation key, and your installation key is often tied to your computer.

Installing a copy of Windows with the same key on a different computer can cause issues, but it’s possible to get around them. Microsoft sells its operating systems with different licenses attached, and those licenses impact how validation works when you try to remove Windows activation from one computer and install it on another.

Soliciting data from users is a common use for a Word User Form, but a typo, a correctly spelled but invalid value, or even a control left blank can render your document unusable.

Fortunately, you can include a bit of VBA code to check input values for specific attributes.

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