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She also fell in love with long-haired stone sculptor Jai Kumar (Ramon Tikaram) for whom she posed as a nude model for his life-sized statues, one of which was recognized as her likeness by King Raj (the former Prince).

Maya was chosen to become part of the King's harem as his most favored courtesan.

Definitely Harry Potter, Coco Gabrielle Chanel and Tilda Swinton.

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Jai, Maya's real love, was ultimately killed by the debauched, drug-addicted rival King after they fought in a near-naked wrestling contest, and the sculptor was sentenced to prison and death (by a stomping from an elephant). (Roy puked) You really jarred something loose, tiger.

Certainly, squeezing those tits would keep any guy’s dick rock solid for several hours.

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I attribute a major part of my success to the leading ladies of Bollywood and working with each one of them was a dream come true for me. Charlize Theron, Priyanka Chopra and Angelina Jolie. Oversized organic clothes The most Mallu thing about you...

I am a true-blue romantic, I cry during movies and I love driving with my dogs.

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