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One day she was offered the chance to visit her friend's hometown. To meet local producers and taste their produce in a 5 minute session speed dating style.After a 1 hour flight to Tamworth we settle into our digs for the evening, the Powerhouse (what The Second Wife called the "fanciest digs in town").With me are buyers from Rockpool, Two Providores, Flying Fish, Australia on a Plate, Bird Cow Fish and Danks Street Depot amongst others as well as media such as Good Living and Australian Regional Food Guide.After the introductions and speeches we are each assigned a producer's table number.Plans for the new development, lodged through council, state the 1715sqm supermarket would operate from 8.30am until 8pm six days per week, and until 9pm on Thursdays.A car park with 96 parking spaces would also be constructed, in addition to bicycle spaces and a loading dock complete with landscaping around the premises.

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Each one has a display and will give us a rundown of their products and a sample.Lee Kernaghan reinvigorated Australian Country Music in the 1990’s, synthesising traditional country themes with his own brand of rural rock and images of an evolving regional culture.Songs like The Outback Club, Boys from The Bush, Hat Town, She’s My Ute and Australian Boy are now modern day anthems for a generation of Australians living and working on the land.Lee has achieved a staggering 36 #1 chart hit songs over his career and has been awarded 36 Golden Guitars.He has been named Hit Maker of the Decade, twice, in 20.

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