Updating statistics sql 2016 r2

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Recently, for example, I watched a query go from taking hours to taking seconds just because we got a good set of statistics on the data.The topic of statistics and their maintenance is not straightforward.The following script updates all out of date statistics.Set the @Max Days Old variable to the number of days you will allow the statistics to be out of date by.

Then there are other questions that get asked later on, in conversation. There is no essential difference between the statistics on an index and the statistics on a table.This command gives much better granularity of control: [cc lang=”sql”] — Update all statistics on a table UPDATE STATISTICS Sales.Sales Order Detail — Update a specific index on a table UPDATE STATISTICS Sales.Try as I might, I find it hard to over-emphasize the importance of statistics to SQL Server.Bad or missing statistics leads to poor choices by the optimizer: The result is horrific performance.

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